Tower of Fantasy: will it be available on consoles one day?


Tower of Fantasy is on its way to being the excellent surprise of the summer, at least as far as RPGs are concerned. It only lacks one string to its futuristic bow: a little more compatible supports. Is it in the roadmap of the ToF developers?

One had to dare to step on the toes of a colossus like Genshin Impact. But that’s what Tower of Fantasy is doing this summer. By focusing its gameplay on sharing and multiplayer experience, this direct competitor of MiHoYo’s flagship game surprises open-world RPG fans. A few days after its global launch, only one shadow is hanging over Tower of Fantasy (well, ok, two, if you count the painful connection problems at startup): the platforms’ versatility to support the title.

At the time of writing, Tower of Fantasy is only available on mobile (IOS and Android) and PC. When Genshin Impact has since been released on PlayStation.

Is a release on PS4, Xbox, and Switch planned?

This is one of the most common questions about the new RPG. However, Hotta Studio answered it earlier this year, last April… And this one is not the most encouraging.

Indeed, the developers explain that the release of the game on consoles is absolutely not in their plans for the moment. The studio prefers to focus on mobile and PC supports.

On the other hand, Tower of Fantasy is a cross-save and cross-play game. So you can play with your friends, even if they don’t use the same medium as you. And you can also resume the same progress from your PC and phone.


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