Toilet Paper Simulator : Plays as a toilet paper that doesn’t want to wipe its shit


Horror survival games have hundreds of themes, and there are always some themes that are meant to be funny.

A new simulation game, “Toilet paper simulator,” (Toilet paper simulator) recently appeared on Steam, which requires you to simulate the role of a roll of toilet paper, and the game’s purpose is to survive and escape.

Why is toilet paper running away?

According to the official description, the toilet paper king played by the player has its consciousness.

It is unwilling to become toilet paper for wiping shit and urine.

To resist its destiny, the player must operate the toilet paper king in the first-person mode and try to escape from this house.

It would be fine if it were just an ordinary home, but the home where Mr. Toilet Paper lives is an old man who has cats and dogs and suffers from diarrhea at the same time.

They all want to get their hands on toilet paper.


According to the promotional video, players must avoid the pursuit of the old man and the dog in the house and try to solve puzzles to find and unlock the door to escape from the house.

Of course, the toilet paper man is not completely defenseless. Players seem to be able to pick up the old man’s stinky socks and throw them at the dog to make them stunned. It seems that the toilet paper man is in a hazardous situation.

The “Toilet Paper Simulator” developed by Uncle Duck Games is scheduled to be released in 2023, and interested players can still pay attention.


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