PlayStation Showcase: the PS5 conference is confirmed with a new leak

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Sony would be ready to reveal more about the PS5 portfolio. The PlayStation Showcase is increasingly confirmed, and we know when it could be released.

The noose tightens around the PlayStation Showcase. The rumors have been insistent for several weeks now. According to several credible sources, Sony is preparing to announce “phase 2” of the PS5 during an exceptional event.

The Japanese manufacturer would then present the future exclusives of its console there; Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected to reveal its release date there, which would then be scheduled for September.

The publisher would be thinking big, and there would be no need to wait until Summer Game Fest 2023 to find out.

The PlayStation Showcase is getting clearer.

E3 or not, Sony is concocting a major event behind the scenes. Throughout the year, the publisher communicated about the productions of its partners.

Final Fantasy 16, Resident Evil 4 Remake or even Street Fighter 6 are all games that have benefited from a good presentation during one or more State of Play.

What players are impatiently waiting for, however, is for it to shed light on its catalog of the PS5 for the months to come. After the release of FF16 on June 22 is a total blur.

We then expected a powerful speech during the summer, but the manufacturer should raise the temperature slightly before. The big PlayStation Showcase should indeed be broadcast sooner than expected.

In any case, this is what Jeff Grubb says. The very reliable Venturebeat reporter has revealed that the next PS5 gaming event will be held during the week of May 25; the showcase may occur a little earlier.

Based on this rumor, the formalization should arrive towards next week’s end. We will therefore be fixed soon enough, and the meeting will be an unmissable event for console owners. According to previous statements by Grubb, this PlayStation Showcase will be “enormous. “The publisher would then use it to “prepare for the second phase of the PS5 “.

What to expect from this event?

High-caliber announcements are expected, including new releases from the brand’s in-house studios and updates on those already revealed.

A release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and gameplay are at this stage practically taken for granted, just like The Last of Us Factions, the famous multiplayer game.

Depending on its development progress, Marvel’s Wolverine could also give players a little cookie. According to recent rumors, we should be able to count on Konami with Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake.

We are also awaiting news of the games that PlayStation Studios are working on more or less in secret. One thinks in particular of the AAA exclusivity of Firewalk, a recently acquired studio.

Sucker Punch is also working on an ambitious project, which according to several job offers, could be a certain Ghost of Tsushima 2.

However, PixelOpus should not be counted on. The creators of Concrete Genie were concocting a game under Unreal Engine 5 developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation, but Sony decided to close its most small studio.

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