What are the different Origins in Dao?


Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a noble hero, a downtrodden commoner, or even a powerful mage?

Look no further than Dragon Age: Origins (DAO), where you can choose from six different origins for your character. Each origin provides a unique perspective and storyline that will immerse you in the rich world of Thedas.

From the opulent halls of the Human Noble origin to the gritty streets of the City Elf origin, there is something for everyone in DAO. As you navigate through political intrigue, fight against discrimination, and battle deadly diseases, you will uncover secrets and shape the fate of this captivating fantasy realm.

In this article, we will explore each origin in detail, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and how they contribute to the larger narrative of DAO.

So grab your weapon of choice and prepare for an epic adventure as we delve into the different origins of DAO.

The Human Noble Origin

Now it’s time to delve into my character’s thrilling and heart-wrenching story in the Human Noble Origin. As I join the Grey Wardens, betrayal, revenge, and survival become my driving forces.

The devastating loss of my family at the hands of Arl Rendon Howe fuels my desire for vengeance against him. The pain of their betrayal is still fresh in my mind.

But amidst this burning anger, there is a glimmer of hope as I take up the mantle of a Grey Warden. It is through this new path that I find solace and purpose.

Fighting alongside fellow warriors, I protect Ferelden from the Blight. Survival becomes paramount – not just for myself, but for all those who depend on us to save their homes and loved ones.

Revenge against Howe serves as both motivation and catharsis on our treacherous journey. In seeking justice for my family’s tragic fate, I find a sense of belonging within this brotherhood. They understand sacrifice and share an unwavering commitment to safeguarding others.

The City Elf Origin

The City Elf Origin

Exposing the racism city elves face, the City Elf Origin delves into the struggles and fight for freedom against the kidnapping of elven women.

In elven society, racism and discrimination are deeply ingrained, causing immense hardships for city elves.

Throughout this origin story, players witness firsthand the dehumanization of their people and experience the desperate yearning for equality and belonging.

The kidnappings of elven women catalyze rebellion, igniting a fire within the hearts of city elves to resist their oppressors.

This fight for freedom becomes a central theme in their journey as they strive to reclaim their agency and challenge the unjust power dynamics that have plagued them for generations.

Through these trials, city elves discover their resilience and strength, finding solace in unity and camaraderie with fellow oppressed individuals who share their aspirations for a better future.

The Dalish Elf Origin

Venturing into the nomadic life of the Dalish elves, players are immersed in a world fraught with disease and the urgent need to join the Grey Wardens.

As a Dalish elf, I discovered my connection to characters from Dragon Age 2 and realized that joining the Grey Wardens was not only a necessity to combat the looming threat of darkspawn but also an opportunity for redemption and purpose.

The struggle against disease became personal as I witnessed its devastating effects on my clan, leading me to leave behind my home and traditions to find a cure and fulfill my duty as a Grey Warden.

Exploring the nomadic lifestyle of the Dalish elves allowed me to appreciate their deep-rooted traditions, unwavering resilience, and profound respect for nature.

Through this journey, I found solace in belonging to something greater than myself – a cause worth fighting for.

The Dwarf Commoner Origin

Immerse yourself in the gritty reality of dwarven poverty and oppression as a dwarf commoner. Fight against the rich in the Provings and experience firsthand the struggle to survive in a casteless society.

The dwarf commoner origin in Dragon Age: Origins delves deep into the depths of dwarven society. It exposes the harsh realities faced by those without noble blood.

As a dwarf commoner, you are born into a life of hardship. You are constantly reminded of your lowly status and subjected to discrimination from those higher up on the social ladder.

However, this origin also presents an opportunity for rebellion and justice. Join the Grey Wardens and have a chance to escape your oppressive circumstances. Fight back against those who perpetuate inequality.

The journey as a dwarf commoner is not just about survival. It’s about finding purpose and belonging amidst adversity.

The Mage Origin

Embarking on the Mage Origin, players are thrust into a world of magical turmoil and scrutiny as they navigate the Fade and confront the trials faced by mages.

The journey through the Fade allows for exploring its dangers and mysteries, shedding light on the ethereal realm that connects all living beings. In this realm, mages face their inner demons and confront their fears, forging their willpower and honing their magical abilities.

The struggle for mage freedom and equality is a central theme in this original story. As mages are constantly monitored and controlled by templars, their every move is scrutinized. This oppressive system creates an atmosphere of fear and desperation among mages, leading some to resort to forbidden practices or join rebel factions for liberation.

Wielding magic in a templar-controlled world comes with severe consequences. Mages are seen as potential societal threats, often blamed for any misfortune or tragedy.

This prejudice leads to discrimination, persecution, and even imprisonment for those who dare to embrace their magical talents. The Mage Origin is a stark reminder of the price one must pay for wielding such power within a society determined to control it.

The Mage Origin in Dragon Age: Origins offers players a deep dive into mages’ struggles in a world where magic is both feared and coveted. Exploring the Fade’s dangers, witnessing the ongoing fight for mage freedom and equality, and experiencing firsthand the consequences of wielding magic under templar rule provides players with a thought-provoking narrative delves into themes of power, oppression, and personal sacrifice.

The Dwarf Noble Origin

The Mage Origin delves deep into the struggles mages face, but now let us shift our focus to the Dwarf Noble Origin.

The Dwarf Noble Origin

This origin provides a unique perspective on Dwarven politics, particularly the Bhelen Harrowmont conflict. As a dwarf of noble lineage, we witness firsthand the intricacies and power struggles within dwarven society.

The caste system and poverty prevalent in this society are also highlighted, painting a stark picture of inequality and struggle.

However, not just internal conflicts define this origin; we also gain valuable insight into the Darkspawn and their impact on the dwarves’ lives. Through this lens, we understand how the relentless threat of the Darkspawn shapes not only individual destinies but also an entire culture’s resilience against darkness.


Dragon Age: Origins offers players diverse origins. Each origin provides a unique perspective and storyline from the political intrigue of the Dwarf Noble origin to the struggle for freedom in the City Elf origin. Players are immersed in rich and complex narratives. These narratives explore themes of discrimination, power dynamics, and personal growth.

One interesting statistic is that according to a survey conducted by Bioware, the most popular origin chosen by players is the Human Noble origin. 42% of respondents selected this option. This statistic highlights the appeal of experiencing a world-building narrative of betrayal and revenge.

Dragon Age: Origins provides an engaging and thought-provoking experience. It is for gamers seeking immersive storytelling within a fantasy realm.


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