Official Launch of Infinite Lagrange’s First Pilot Server

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Infinite Lagrange, the popular interstellar strategy game, is launching its first Pilot Server on March 22 under the theme of “Exploring the Unknown, Pioneering the Future.”

The gaming giant invites all its dedicated explorers to participate in the new version in advance, as it introduces an exciting range of new content and gameplay.

The Pilot Server is a test server explicitly designed for explorers, and it will be made available to them in periodic intervals to test and give suggestions for improvements.

The purpose of the server is to provide explorers with a chance to experience new game content before its official release and interact with the official team to offer feedback on the Pilot Server’s performance.

The focus of the new version centers on the expansion of the Lagrange Network and the unceasing exploratory efforts of all its explorers.

Infinite Lagrange aims to continuously improve its game, drawing inspiration from the creativity and feedback of its players.

This is what sets it apart from traditional video games, as it gives players a chance to influence the game’s direction positively.

To encourage participation in the Pilot Server, Infinite Lagrange offers great rewards for explorers who provide high-quality feedback.

The tips are part of the game’s effort to appreciate the input of its explorers and encourage their collaboration in driving the game’s growth.

Explorers can register for recruitment to become eligible to experience the Pilot Server, and early recruitment began on March 17.

This allows explorers to skip the early game development phase and focus on testing new features.

To create an immersive testing environment, Infinite Lagrange’s Pilot Server will provide various additional resource support to help explorers on their interstellar journey.

Infinite Lagrange’s new anti-aircraft weapon combat mechanism and super capital ship balancing adjustment will be on trial on the Pilot Server.

The new anti-aircraft tool introduces an Early Warning Efficiency mechanism to improve the anti-aircraft weapons’ ability to lock on to enemies and their damage.

Additionally, Infinite Lagrange is making targeted adjustments to the weapons of each Super Capital Ship based on their roles to ensure each Super Capital Ship has its differentiated roles in fleets.

Explorers who join the Pilot Server will be able to experience these new updates before others and build new strategies in advance, which will be invaluable if they are to stay ahead in the rapidly-changing journey of star system exploration.

Explorers must register for recruitment to become eligible to experience the Pilot Server.

The registration process closes on March 29, after which Infinite Lagrange will screen all explorers based on their strengths; the outstanding explorers will be invited to experience the Pilot Server.

Infinite Lagrange looks set to make a significant impact with its first Pilot Server launch, and explorers are encouraged to play a vital role in shaping the game’s future.

With its focus on exploration, innovation and creativity, the competition promises players an unforgettable experience of discovery and excitement.

The journey of exploring the unknown and pioneering the future is a collective effort, and Infinite Lagrange welcomes all its explorers to join it in paving the way.

With its Pilot Server and an arsenal of new features, the game will take explorers on a galactic journey, the likes of which have never been seen before.

In conclusion, the official launch of Infinite Lagrange’s first Pilot Server presents a unique opportunity for explorers to participate in creating something spectacular.

The call to action is for all explorers to register for recruitment and join the adventure quickly.

Together they can explore the unknown, pioneer the future and create something unique.

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