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Your journey to learn the Unforgivable Curses continues after unlocking the Cruciatus spell. It is once again thanks to good old Sebastian that you will be able to get your hands on a new spell from black magic, namely Empirewhich allows you to control certain enemies. Here’s how to unlock Impero in Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy.

How to learn the Impero spell in Hogwarts Legacy?

As with Cruciatus, you will first need to progress through the game and through Sebastian’s quests to learn this new spell. You will first need to have access to the “In the Shadow of Time” quest so that Sebastian will want to teach you about it halfway through., after going through the door that unlocks with the skeletons. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to the quest “In the Shadow of Time”.

He will once again leave you the choice to learn it or not, but if you are there, we suspect that you will respond favorably when he makes the offer to you. You will thus have access to the second unforgivable spell of the game, the last before Avada Kedavra.

Do not hesitate to consult our complete guide on Hogwarts Legacy to learn more about the game.

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