How to Break Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide to Overpowered Builds


Are you tired of struggling through battles in Hogwarts Legacy?

Do you want to become an unstoppable force in the game?

Look no further!

This guide will review some overpowered builds that will make you virtually invincible.

Incredibly Strong Plants

One of the most broken builds in Hogwarts Legacy involves using two plants: the mandrake root and the venomous tentacula.

By picking up the headache and noxious traits at levels 16 and 22, respectively, you can improve the damage and duration of these plants.

Equipping gear with herbology level 3 will give you maximum plant damage.

The mandrake root can easily care for lesser targets, while the venomous tentacula do insane amounts of significant poison damage.

Using both plants can make quick work of even trolls.

Three Talon Points

Believe it or not, three Talon points are all you need for this incredibly broken build.

In the dark arts tree, learn a blood curse at level 5, which inflicts damage to all cursed targets when you deal damage to one.

Then, at level 16, learn crucial mastery, which causes a cursed target struck with crucio to release a projectile that curses nearby enemies.

This build is insanely strong and can quickly remove large groups of enemies.

Farming for Level 3 Traits

If you’re wondering how to get level 3 traits for the builds mentioned above, don’t worry!

It’s pretty simple.

You can farm for level 3 traits by replaying story missions on higher difficulties.

This will give you a chance to earn higher-level gear and traits.

You can also grind in side missions, which will allow you to earn higher-level gear and traits.

Is Deafening Worth It?

While deafening can significantly increase the damage of the mandrake root, it increases the damage less than herbology in testing.

With herbology level 3 on all your gear, you can hit targets for almost 100 damage.

In comparison, using deafening 3 equipped on all your gear only increased damage by 60 points.

In conclusion, these overpowered builds can make Hogwarts Legacy a breeze.

You can become virtually unstoppable in battles by using the right plants and talents.

And with the ability to farm for higher-level gear and traits, you can easily upgrade your builds.

So try these builds out and see how they work for you.


While these overpowered builds may make the game easier, they can also detract from the challenge and fun of playing.

Some players prefer to experience the game as intended, while others enjoy the power trip.

It’s up to you to decide which type of player you are.


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