Discover The Enhanced Xbox Home Update For Xbox Series X, S, And One

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Microsoft has recently released a new home user interface update for Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One consoles, aiming to enhance game discovery and personalization. This update brings new features to make it easier for users to connect with communities, discover and rediscover games, and customize their gaming environment.

Notable highlights include a quick access menu, expanded space for personalized backgrounds, and the option to change the background to match the highlighted game. Users can pin their favorite games and curated groups to the home screen, creating a more tailored and convenient gaming experience.

Curated and personalized game lists, an updated Friends & Community Updates row, and a Watch & Listen spotlight showcasing media apps and content are introduced in this update.

The rollout of the update is underway, with some users potentially experiencing a delay of a few weeks before receiving it.

New Features

The new Xbox Home update for Xbox Series X, S, and One introduces several new features.

One notable addition is the curated and personalized game lists, allowing users to access their favorite games easily. This feature enhances game discovery and makes finding and playing games more convenient.

Another new feature is the updated Friends & Community Updates row, which provides users with the latest updates and news from their friends and the gaming community.

The update includes a Watch & Listen spotlight that showcases available media apps and content, expanding the entertainment options for users.

The update offers a quick access menu, allowing users to quickly navigate their console’s features.

Rollout Information

Microsoft is implementing the new home user interface for a subset of Xbox consoles. Some users may experience a delay in receiving the update. The rollout of the new home experience is being conducted in stages. It may take a few weeks for all eligible consoles to receive the update.

This update aims to improve Xbox Series X, S, and One game discovery and personalization. One of the critical features of the update is the introduction of a quick-access menu. This menu allows users to navigate and access their favorite games and curated groups easily.

Additionally, the update provides more space for personalized backgrounds. Users now have the option to change the background to match the highlighted game. This feature allows for a more customized and visually appealing user experience.

Overall, this rollout aims to enhance the user experience and provide Xbox users a more intuitive and customizable interface.


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