Destiny 2: How to Complete Vexcalibur Quest and Get Void Glaive


Destiny 2’s Season of Defiance has introduced a new Exotic weapon called Vexcalibur, a Void glaive that can create over-shields for you and your allies.

To get this weapon, you must complete a secret quest called The Variable, which involves solving a puzzle in the EDZ and exploring a Vex network node in an Avalon mission.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll show you how to start and complete The Variable quest and get Vexcalibur.

I’ll also cover some of the secrets and mysteries you can discover in Avalon with the help of Vexcalibur’s mods and perks.

How to start The Variable quest in Destiny 2

To start The Variable quest, you must go to the Gulch area of the EDZ and collect six code fragments hidden around the map.

You have 30 seconds between each pickup to get to the next one.

Here are their locations:

  • The first code fragment is on top of a hill beside some Cabal gear.
  • The second code fragment is below the bridge near a truck.
  • The third code fragment is in the trees on another hill opposite the first one.
  • The fourth code fragment is in the area’s centre among more trees.
  • The fifth code fragment is near a large Cabal door on the right side of the map.
  • The sixth code fragment is above some road signs along the wall.

After collecting all six code fragments, you need to follow them to a cave near where you found the third one.

Enter the cave and interact with a harpy to start Avalon’s mission.

How to complete Avalon mission and get Vexcalibur

Avalon is a secret mission that takes place inside a Vex network node.

You need to fight your way through various enemies and puzzles until you reach an object at the end that grants you Vexcalibur.

The mission is pretty straightforward, but there are some things you should know:

  • The mission has a power level requirement of 1800, so ensure you are well-equipped before starting it.
  • There are three types of Override Nodes that you need to activate or destroy with different shapes: prism, cube, and diamond. You can use your ghost or radar to locate them.
  • There are also three types of barriers that block your way: red (requires prism), blue (requires cube), and yellow (requires diamond). You can use your ghost or radar to identify them as well.
  • To activate or destroy an Override Node, match its shape with your grenade type. For example, if you see a prism-shaped node or barrier, you need to use Solar grenades; if you see a cube-shaped node or barrier, you need to use Arc grenades; if you see a diamond-shaped node or barrier, you need to use Void grenades. You can change your grenade type anytime by holding down your grenade button.
  • Some Override Nodes will spawn enemies when activated or destroyed; others will open doors or platforms for you. Pay attention to your surroundings and objectives as they change throughout the mission.

Once you reach the end of the Avalon mission, interact with an object that looks like Vexcalibur’s hilt.

This will give you a Vexcalibur Exotic Void glaive weapon.

How to unlock more secrets and mysteries in Avalon

After getting the Vexcalibur weapon from Avalon mission,you can return there anytime by selecting it from EDZ map. Some more secrets and mysteries await those who want to explore further.

To access these secrets, you need to unlock different mods perks for Vexcalibur by completing additional quests from HELM.

These mod’s perks will allow walking through barriers, damage nodes,or access to hidden areas.

Here are some examples :

  • Authorization Override mod : This mod lets walk through red barriers find secret nodes grant M1R Distribution Matrix I intrinsic perk .This perk increases damage resistance while blocking with Vexcalibur .
  • Expert Authorization Override mod : This mod lets damage nodes different shapes find more remote nodes grant M1R Distribution Matrix II intrinsic perk . This perk increases damage output while blocking with Vexcalibur .
  • Immovable Refit trait : This trait lets deflect projectiles while blocking with Vexcalibur .You can unlock this trait by completing
  • Data Retrieval : Cannonball mystery ,which involves destroying three nodes shaped like balls using Expert Authorization Override


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